China's overall wardrobe market is promising

China's overall wardrobe market is promising

The overall wardrobe on the market today is mainly divided into two categories, one is gated, and the other is open (no door). The open-style wall-mounted cabinets are full of colorful and beautiful clothing. They are suitable for the atmosphere of young people's home. If you are interested, you can use this as the main body to form a cloakroom. An open-style wall-in wardrobe, imported from the United States, adopts lead-white light blue plates, elegant and stylish, and beautiful.

Industry analysts pointed out: As a professional field in the home industry, which has emerged at the latest, in recent years, the overall closet market has attracted a lot of attention from other home categories and brands. In China alone, the overall wardrobe market has a huge market space of several hundred billion yuan. Therefore, the wardrobe industry is called "the last piece of cake in the home industry." More and more companies have begun to vigorously develop wardrobe brands, and the overall wardrobe industry has followed suit. From this point of view, the domestic market prospects of the wardrobe industry are excellent, which brings a good opportunity for the growth and development of the wardrobe industry and wardrobe companies.

With the emergence of the overall trend of home integration, international brands will raise the threshold of competition and accelerate brand integration. The overall market will be unified from the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States era.

The design concept and service quality of the whole closet, and the company's production and operating strength are very demanding. With its specialization and after-sales service, only big brands have the strength to support it. From the perspective of the development of China's overall wardrobe industry, only a handful of brands support the development of the entire industry, undoubtedly bringing great pressure on China's overall wardrobe. In the case of small and medium-sized brands behind the integration of the overall wardrobe market is also It is inevitable. The reform and innovation of SMEs and the establishment of independent brands have become a necessary condition for continued survival.

The overall wardrobe companies in China mainly focus on the four major regions of Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu. These major regions lead the development of the overall wardrobe industry in design, service, and management. With the development of the whole wardrobe industry, there have been well-known professional wardrobe companies such as Sofia, Hollywood, Stanley, Comando, and Sneijmann in the market in recent years, and they have become the best in the industry.

From January to February 2014, China's overall wardrobe industry market capacity reached 953,200 units, an increase of 12.3% year-on-year. In 2013, China's overall wardrobe industry market capacity reached 5,223,600 units, an increase of 19.3% year-on-year.

China's overall wardrobe industry will reach the blowout period in the next few years and will not resist the temptation. About 29% of urban residents said that they will purchase the whole wardrobe in the future. Moreover, the overall closet can be tailor-made, personalized design combination, overall support, environmental protection and health, economical and practical, stylish appearance and other outstanding advantages will become a new hot spot for home wardrobe consumption.

Just because there is no first-line brand in the current wardrobe market, the brands appearing on the market are mixed, and it is difficult to determine the quality of wardrobe products. Lima Wardrobe, as a high-end brand in the market, integrates R&D, design, production, sales, and installation into one. Since its inception, the home-based company has always been committed to the mission of “building a national brand and providing first-class service”. It has been guided by an international perspective and a professional spirit to create a modern, artistic and environmentally friendly home life. The new connotation of the modern home is given, highlighting the new realm of furniture life and creating infinite perfect space for a tasteful life.

The "2014-2018 China Overall Wardrobe Industry Analysis and Development Research Report" shows that the overall wardrobe itself is the internal demand of the market. The high prices are related to the lack of available space for the owner’s room. As a wardrobe with Chennai function, the owner’s living space is used to the maximum extent, so that the space usage rate is more reasonable; and the overall wardrobe is based on the customer’s own family members. , usage habits, and customization of the room as a whole. Especially for the latter generation of 80, the most potential buying groups, the overall wardrobe will be organic and practical use of organic combination, the most welcomed by them.


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