"Art Ceramics" Creates New Highlights in Cultural Industry

As one of the most prestigious “signature” resources of porcelain, it is produced in the high-altitude mountain on the edge of Gaoling Mountain in Gaoling Village, Goose Town, the northern mountainous area of ​​Jingdezhen. It is well-known in the international ceramics industry for its excellent quality. Kaolin, the internationally accepted name for kaolin, is derived from Gaoling Mountain in Jingdezhen.

Kaolin is the most important raw material for the ceramic industry. For thousands of years, the four traditional porcelains made of Jingdezhen kaolin, such as blue and white, exquisite, pastel and glazed, are “white as jade, as bright as a mirror, as thin as paper, and sound like a beggar”. The unique style of buzz is at home and abroad.

There are crises in prosperity. After more than a thousand years of exploitation, the kaolin reserves in Jingdezhen are increasingly exhausted. How to develop and utilize existing precious resources and achieve sustainable development has become a new topic for porcelain! “The kaolin resources of Jingdezhen will be After 30 years of mining, compared with other ceramics production sites at home and abroad, Jingdezhen's daily-use porcelain and architectural ceramics have no competitive advantage. It is a natural choice to develop the high value-added art ceramic industry by leveraging the traditional skills of the millennium heritage. !! Liu Gen, the manager of the kiln mouth of the People's Porcelain Factory, spoke.

In 2005, a 70-kilometer-long and 15-km-wide kaolin mineral belt was discovered in Yi'an County, Qiqihar City. The enriched resources gave birth to the ceramic industry. In the past few years, a 28-kilometer ceramic industrial park has emerged, attracting many architectural ceramic brands to enter the industry and become a new engine for promoting county economic development.

In the past few years, many Hecheng painters and artists have traveled to the Qiqihar·Jingdezhen art ceramics creation base to try out ceramic creation, develop artistic vision, display artistic talents, and accumulate experience and techniques. The exchanges between the two industries are flourishing and vibrant.

The cultural phenomenon that the members of the artists "get together" has become a topic of concern and research by the Qiqihar CPPCC. At the end of 2012, the CPPCC Nationality Committee made a special trip to Yi'an County to discuss the traditional art of Jingdezhen with Qiqihar·Jingdezhen art ceramics creation base, develop Yi'an kaolin resources, fill the blank of art ceramic production, and build the Hecheng culture industry. The feasibility of the new highlights and a consensus, the North China porcelain, the prospects can be expected.

The cooperation between the two parties is in full swing! In May 2013, the research team of Yi'an County visited the porcelain capital, stepped into the creation base, the kiln factory, the trading market, and met with the industry departments and craft masters to seek a blueprint for industrial development. In this trip, Yi'an County also signed a cooperation agreement with the Jiangxi Provincial Light Industry Management Office to long-term training and focus on recruiting Qiqihar students. In the new semester of August, Jiangxi Jingdezhen Ceramic Arts and Crafts Vocational and Technical College ushered in the first batch of students from Beiguo Hecheng. In October, three soil samples taken from the production area of ​​Yi'an kaolin were sent to Jingdezhen scientific research institutions for professional inspection.

“In the summer of 2014, we plan to invite a group of outstanding artists from Jingdezhen to a large-scale porcelain art exhibition in Qiqihar.” Liu Yanlong introduced the comprehensive ceramic culture of Jingdezhen through the on-site reproduction of the blanking, blanking, painting and kiln production processes. Let more Hecheng people who love ceramic art understand and appreciate the charm of blue and white.

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