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Wheel bearing unit features

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Features traditional (using two sets of single row bearings)
Long interval between the middle of the payload (for driven wheels)
1. It is not convenient to apply preload.
2. The device process is messy.
3. Need to fill grease.
The first generation of hub bearing units is compared with the conventional one. Apply preload tightly and firmly.
2. The device is convenient.
3. No gasket is required.
4. No need to supply grease.
5. Compact layout.
6. Built-in high performance sealing ring.
The second generation of hub bearing units is compared with the first generation of hub bearing units. Applying preload is simpler and more secure.
2. The device is convenient.
3. No need to press into the knuckle.
4. If the outer ring rotates; the sensor rotor can also be installed.
The third generation of the hub bearing unit is compared with the second generation of the hub bearing unit. The best preload can be applied.
2. The device is convenient.
3. High stiffness.
4. Simple device anti-lock braking system (ABS) sensor.

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