Silk screen printing technology introduction and screen selection

1. Apply the ink to the screen using a spatula.

2. Use the squeegee to fix the angle and flatten the ink to one side. At this time, the ink will be printed on the printed matter according to the pattern when the screen is manufactured, and the ink can be repeatedly printed.

3. The printing screen version can continue to be used after washing.

Screen printing machine for a variety of: plastic, cosmetics, packaging, metal plates, scales, acrylic, electronic products, household goods, stickers, leather transfer paper, various types of cups, barrels, glass, baseball bats , wood boards, etc. It can be used for flat and curved objects for the most beautiful and high quality printing. http://


Printing machine

The principle of the pad printing machine is to use the photo-imprinting method to make the steel plate into a gravure and transfer it to the printed matter through a special silicone printing head, and it can be specially prepared according to the material of the product. Ink to ensure quality is guaranteed. The process of the pad printing machine is divided into the following four points:

1. The ink is evenly covered on the steel plate by a brush.

2. The excess ink is scraped off by a scraping steel knife.

3. The ink in the pattern is picked up by the print head falling down to the steel plate.

4. The print is lowered by the print head to cover the pattern.

Pad printing machine industry: plastics industry, toy industry, glass industry, metal industry, electronics industry, sporting goods, stationery industry, optical industry, IC packaging industry, etc. Pad printing range: ruler, pen, ball, doll eye, watch, camera, hair dryer shell, ceramic, medical equipment, racket, tape, electronic parts, IC, CPU, DRAM, computer case, buttons, decorative signs, Printing of mobile phone cases, etc.

In the traditional printing factory, in order to save a lot of printing frame costs, manufacturers generally use wooden frames with relatively low cost, but as time goes by, the workers of the printing factory should change if the wages of workers continue to rise. The idea is to use a high-quality aluminum frame? Below we will make a comprehensive comparison of the cost performance of these two boxes. General wooden frame: the specification is 40*50, the cost of each inner diameter is 15-20 yuan, medium-sized printing factory is calculated according to the annual demand of 300, and needs to be invested every year. 4500-6000 yuan, used 1-2 years after retirement. The aluminum frame: the specification is 40*50, the cost of each inner diameter is 25-30 yuan, the cost of 300 is about 7500-9000 yuan, it will be scrapped after 3-5 years, and it can also be used for scrap aluminum. The recovery price is 10 yuan/only. Left and right, this will reduce the cost by 3,000 yuan.

The above two accounts, I think that the printing factory manager who uses the wooden frame should be counted very few. In fact, when using the aluminum frame, although the one-time investment is large, it can save 50% of the cost. A company that is considered in the long run should make rational choices.

Frame type

There are three main types of frames: hard wood, hard metal and repeatable. Knowing the major differences between these types can be a great help for your choice (you can choose the most appropriate frame type based on your application).

Wooden frame: The wooden frame is the most original frame, and it is also the most simple and cost-effective frame. The wooden frame is still active in the garment industry and is mainly used for small-scale production in the home. Early wooden frames used pin or groove manual attachment methods, but manual fixing did not allow the mesh to stretch sufficiently. We do not recommend the use of such wooden frames because loose meshes cause problems in the printing, printing and reproduction process.

Metal frame: Compared with wooden frame, aluminum frame or steel frame has obvious advantages in the following aspects: resistance to twisting or arching, water resistance, light weight and durability. In automated printing equipment or in other situations where print quality is critical, people often use metal frames for printing operations. The size of the metal frame is mostly uniform, but we can also produce different sizes of frame products according to the special requirements of customers. The mesh is a pre-stretch type product that is attached to the frame by special equipment.

Repeatable stretch frame: The repeatable stretch frame is surrounded by a roller bar with a mesh cloth attached to it. The operator can tighten the mesh by rotating the roller bar and then lock the roller bar in the rotated position. If necessary, the operator can re-tighten the loose stencil at any time.

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