How to choose the correct range hood

Abstract: European-style range hood, the design of the kitchen space can lack a stylish range hood, the shape of the European range hood is very beautiful, but some people say that it does not conform to the Chinese way of life. So how can we choose the range hood correctly? The following points give you inspiration.

1. European-style range hood: There are many factors to consider when purchasing a range hood. Generally speaking, the certified range hood is safer and more reliable.

2. European-style range hood: For the air volume, fan power and noise of the range hood, it should be considered comprehensively. The air volume and fan power are not as large as possible. Under the premise of achieving the same pumping rate, the fan power and air volume should be smaller. The better, the energy saving, and the better mute effect. As for noise, the national standard stipulates that the noise of the range hood does not exceed 65 to 68 decibels. In this sense, it is best to avoid the purchase of shallow-type flat-panel, ultra-thin, and other low-range range hoods.

3, the practical type does not choose European: big and heavy.

4, do not LCD display: cost is easy to break.

5, European-style range hood, the switch selects the traditional mechanical switch, do not use the touch type: the traditional switch has low maintenance rate and high substitutability.

6, European range hood: panel material, glass scrubbing is more convenient, stainless steel is also good, but relatively heavy.

7, European range hood: Do not automatically clean the function, there is not much practical function.

8, European-style range hood: the diameter of the air outlet is proportional to the amount of air exhausted, the bigger the better.

9. European-style range hood: Avoid buying products produced by miscellaneous brands and small factories to ensure the quality of the products. The industry and commerce department pointed out that enterprises that produce complete range hoods must obtain production licenses from the quality and technical supervision department before they can be produced.  

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