The use of low-oscillation bearings - the oscillation caused by the error/shape accuracy and its countermeasures

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The use of low-oscillation bearings - the oscillation caused by the error/shape accuracy and its countermeasures

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-06-21

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1 The inside of the oscillating tumbling bearing caused by the error in the bearing; the outer ring raceway and the tumbling outer surface have different degrees of wavy machining marks-waviness in the circumferential direction; this is to cause bearing oscillation; induce noise and make the rotating shaft An extremely important element of the axial movement of the painful movement. The oscillation caused by the waviness caused by the processing marks; the bearing without radial clearance; or the axial load applied to other bearings other than the ball bearing Attack; in addition; a large number of bearings with a wave number of raceway waviness; it also occurs when radial load is applied.
The above mentioned bearing rollover appearance waviness caused by the production factors; if you want to control its influence on the bearing oscillation; as long as the processing precision of the rollover appearance is improved; the shape error of the raceway appearance is reduced to obtain the treatment. With the modern technical level This effort has been developed; but it cannot completely eliminate this important source of oscillation and noise. It should focus not only on the manufacturing elements of the bearing; but also the bearing elements of the bearing and the rigidity of the shaft and the housing; The waviness of the raceway appearance; their influence is often more influential than the production factors; this is a problem that bearing users need to deal with.
2 The influence of the accuracy of the shaft and the shape of the seat hole is poor. The accuracy of the shape of the shaft and the seat hole is poor; the ferrule of the bearing device will be deflected and deformed; the low frequency oscillation caused by this is greater than the oscillation caused by the inherent waviness of the bearing tumbling. .
2.1. The influence of several errors on the appearance of the bearing ring is generally about 2μm; if the shape of the device is larger than 2μm - generally has a waviness of 2 to 10 waves; when the bearing ring is interspersed with the interference device to the appearance When it is up; its raceway can adapt to 2 to 10 waviness; when working, it will exhibit an oscillation 2 to 10 times higher than the rotational speed.
If the journal of the bearing of the device is adjacent to the spline or the close cooperation flat key; it can also cause the bearing raceway to exhibit waviness. The outer surface of the device is not straight in the axial direction or the chamfer radius of the shoulder is too large; Similar similar deformations in the circle cause oscillations and noise. Therefore, the above situation is found when the device is inspected; it is necessary to carry out repairs or exchange for parts with the same quality as the requirements.
2.2. The ferrule and the positioning shoulder do not have a straight effect when the positioning rim of the bearing ring and the device part is not straight; if it is in the circumferential direction, the ferrule is distorted; the raceway becomes elliptical; The roundness error is about twice the gap between the ferrule and the exterior of the device.
2.3 The effect of excessive clamping force is proved by practice; the outer ring is simply deformed and simply affected by excessive clamping force. The outer ring and the seat hole are generally cooperative with the gap; the two end caps are clamped for axial positioning and prevent Fretting wear. When the end cover. Laos 蟛畲螅 蟛畲螅 蟛畲螅 螅 螅 螅 蚴 蚴 髀菟ǖ 髀菟ǖ 髀菟ǖ 髀菟ǖ 髀菟ǖ 髀菟ǖ 髀菟ǖ 髀菟ǖ 髀菟ǖ 髀菟ǖ 髀菟ǖ 髀菟ǖ 馊Σ艽蟊湫 馊Σ艽蟊湫 馊Σ艽蟊湫 馊Σ艽蟊湫 馊Σ艽蟊湫 馊Σ艽蟊湫 馊Σ艽蟊湫 馊Σ艽蟊湫 馊Σ艽蟊湫 馊Σ艽蟊湫 馊Σ艽蟊湫 馊Σ艽蟊湫 馊Σ艽蟊湫The deformation is very large; the oscillation and noise caused are also obvious; it is necessary to ensure the necessary precision of the end cap; tighten the bolt evenly and moderately; to reduce the deformation of the outer ring due to clamping.
2.4 The cooperation between the bearing and the device is too loose. The cooperation between the loose bearing and the appearance of the device is too loose; if it occurs between the rotating ferrule and the appearance of the device (usually the shaft); the ferrule has a radial direction that can be related to the appearance of the device. Movement; then change the equilibrium condition; the elastic oscillation caused by the centrifugal force; even if it is axially clamped; however, the ferrule can still be radially unbalanced by the "creep" method of thermal expansion.
If the cooperation between the fixed ferrule and the appearance of the device (generally the seat hole) is too loose; the component of the shaft system is more likely to deform the ferrule; exhibit various roundness; if it is axially clamped; It is aggravated and fixed; when the bearing is working, this deformation provokes elastic oscillation. Others; if the cooperation between the outer ring and the outer surface of the seat hole is too loose; the bearing is simple to get a larger clearance; Involving the addition of alternating elastic oscillations. Thus; to prevent the occurrence of such oscillations; the cooperation of the bearings should not be too loose.
2.5 The influence of the coaxiality error on the coaxiality error and the bearing tumbling appearance, the coaxiality of the shaft and the seat hole and the straightness of the shoulder; but generally the latter is the main; the bearing's own error is relative It is much smaller. Regarding the ball bearing; the coaxiality error has a significant effect on its fundamental rotation error; and thus the oscillation related to the rotational speed.

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