Kitchen renovation needs to know what Feng Shui knowledge

Feng Shui is highly valued in Chinese people's minds. Many times people buy a house to see the direction of house feng shui. It takes time to decorate a house, and feng shui has a long history in China. The location of the kitchen at home is related to the feng shui problem, and the feng shui problem affects the health of the family. Therefore, everyone should know about the feng shui of the kitchen. Let's take a look at the following together.

If the kitchen is in the northwest direction of the house, in the Feng Shui school, the northwest belongs to the dry, the meaning of the sky, and the kitchen is hot, so it is the "fire door" in Feng Shui. The dry represents the man in the family, and the man receives the gram, which will affect the size of the family, and then the family will have more difficulties.

In Feng Shui, the south is a place of prosperity. Therefore, if the kitchen is on the south side of the house, it will cause a prosperous situation, which will affect the health of the family and will endanger life. Therefore, the mother who grew into the kitchen was mostly the main victim. To reduce this impact, it is best to place the gas stove in other locations.

In particular, if you choose a house, you should pay attention to the terrain problem. If you see a pointed building in the kitchen, you will see a fire-shaped hoe, and Sanbi (wood), four green (wood), and nine purple (fire) are here. It is possible to ignite the hoe of this fire, so it will have an impact on the body of the family.

In Feng Shui, the kitchen door should not be open or not equipped with kitchen doors, because Feng Shui attaches great importance to the characters of cold, heat, dryness and dampness. If it is open and does not install the kitchen door, it will make the whole family body. Easy to have problems. Therefore, it is possible to install a pumping device in the kitchen to pump the heat of the kitchen out of the house.

The above content is about the feng shui knowledge that kitchen decoration needs to know. I hope everyone can help you after understanding. If you want to know more about kitchen feng shui, you can log in to the groundhog network for detailed information.

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