Coffee machine purchase tips

With the improvement of living standards, more and more friends love to choose some small appliances with rich life tastes, and coffee machines are one of them. The electric coffee machine is popular among the friends for its convenient heating. There are many kinds of electric coffee machines on the market. How do we choose the colorful products? Here are a few of the coffee machine purchases. When you need to pay attention to it, you may wish to take a look together:

American coffee machine: mainly based on cooking American coffee, American coffee is characterized by a slight taste, and by the principle, the coffee temperature is not very high. Principle: Using hot water to the top of the coffee powder, extracting the coffee, the extracted coffee will drip into the glass coffee pot below. The common Philips in the supermarket, the Siemens coffee machine belongs to the American coffee machine. The advantage is that the operation is convenient and the machine price is cheap. .

Electric Moka pot: The brewed coffee has a rich taste and high coffee temperature. Principle: The mixture of high-pressure steam and water is quickly passed through the coffee layer to instantly extract the coffee. The resulting coffee has a rich mouthfeel and low impurity content. The emergence of new products, the market is less common, not yet popular;

Italian coffee machine: The same as the Mocha pot belongs to the Italian coffee appliance. The coffee comes out with a strong taste and the coffee temperature is very high. The principle: using a mixture of high-pressure steam and water to quickly pass through the coffee layer, and instantly extract the coffee, so that the coffee taste Rich, low in impurities, and the Italian coffee machine has steam foaming function, can do a lot of fancy coffee, such as cappuccino, latte coffee and other fancy coffee, is a good choice for home coffee machine .

King Nipples and Hose Menders are kinds of Pipe Fittings, it's cutted by pipes and make different sizes.King nipple one side with male threads and and connect with pipe

system, another side raised by machine, so that can connect with plastic hose. Hose Mender raised both side so that can connetor with plastic hose.

Material: Carbon steel

Surface: Electric galvanized

Standard: BS,ANSI, or as demand

Size: From 1/8" to 6"

Application: Rubber/Plastic hose connection for waters, gas, oil, etc.

King Nipple  (1)

Hose mender

Hose Mender and King Nipples

Hose Mender,Steel Hose Mender,Galvanized King Nipple,Steel Combination Nipples


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