Henan will have weak rain and snow, which will help ease the drought in southeastern Henan.

By the combined effect of cold air and warm air southwest, the afternoon of 12 -13 days once the province will appear weak rain and snow, northern light rain or scattered light rain changing to sleet, rain turn to other areas, southeastern light to moderate rain . The highest temperature on the 13-14th day was 6-8 degrees lower than the previous period .

Specific forecast:

On the morning of the 12th , the whole province was cloudy and cloudy, and in the afternoon to the 13th , the northern rain or sporadic rain turned into sleet, and other areas turned to light rain. There were small to moderate rains in Xinyang, Zhumadian, Zhoukou, Shangqiu and southeastern parts of Nanyang. The province turned to the north wind level of about 4 .

On the 14th , the rain in the southeast turned cloudy; the other areas were cloudy and sunny.

The rain and snow weather process is weak, which only helps to alleviate the drought in southeastern Henan, and does not help the relief of drought in other areas; but it plays an important role in increasing air humidity, purifying air and reducing the level of forest fire danger; People's lives have no major impact.

Agricultural concerns and recommendations

1 . Different droughts must be scientifically watered. For heavy drought, rotary arable land, weak seedling fields, irrigation conditions should be hurry up, and the irrigation should be carried out in the afternoon. The amount of irrigation can be infiltrated into the field, without water accumulation, avoid flooding; for sandy land, due to recent The wind is windy and the wind is large. The surface soil is easy to be blown up, so that the roots of the wheat are exposed. Special attention should be paid to the protection of the frozen and the areas where conditions are available. Straw covering and other measures can also be taken.

2. Different seedlings should be classified and managed. Due to the high temperature in the previous period, some plots of wheat seedlings are prosperous and vulnerable to freezing damage. They can be controlled by repression, deep roots and other measures. The wheat fields with rotary soil and no irrigation conditions can be repressed to promote deep rooting; Weak seedling plots should be topdressed and weakened.

3. Facilities agriculture, to keep warm and antifreeze. As the temperature continues to decrease, all localities should pay attention to the heat preservation and antifreeze work of the greenhouse vegetables. The ventilation and light transmission should be carried out on a sunny afternoon, and the curtain time should be controlled according to the weather changes.

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Hexagonal boxes are made of heavy galvanized wire / ZnAl (Galfan) coated wire / PVC or PE coated wires, the mesh shape is hexagonal, with the quality of high corrosion resistantance, high tensile strength. The gabion boxes are used widely in slope protection, foundation pit supporting, mountain rock holding, river and dams scour protection.

1.Material:Galvanized wire, Galfan Coated wire, PVC coated Galvanized Steel wire. 

2. Weaving types:

normal twist, reverse twist, double twist.

3.Packaging:compressed and packed with pallets.

4. Feature:

Firm structure, Flat surface, Great corrosion resistant, Oxidation resistant, Durable, High intensity.

Hexagonal Mesh Gabion

We follow the major international standard in our manufacturing process.


ASTM 975 Standards:

 Style 1  Galvanized wire as per ASTM A 641, class 3 soft temper

 Style 2  Same as style 1 with extra coating with PVC.

 Style 3  Zn-5Al or Zn-10Al coated wire as per ASTM A 856, also known as Galfan wire.


EN 10223-3 Standard:

 Galvanized wire meets EN 10244-2 and old BS 443

 Wire tensile strength is between 380N/mm2 and 550N/mm2 as per BS 1052.


Our Tolerance Standard:

On the hexagonal double-twisted wire mesh, size of opening should not exceed +/-5% on the nominal dimension


Hexagonal Mesh Gabion Regular Sizes



Finish Type


PVC Coated


60x80mm,80x100mm & 100x120mm

60x80mm,80x100mm & 100x120mm

Mesh Wire



Selvage Wire



Binding Wire




Hexagonal Mesh Gabion

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