Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition and the Shanghai Zero Carbon Pavilion of the World Expo reached a strategic partnership

Recently, the famous domestic exhibition institution Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (UBM SINOEXPO) and Shanghai Hao Carbon Building Technology Co., Ltd., the operating organization of the London Zero Carbon Pavilion (hereinafter referred to as “London Pavilion”), reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will give full play to their respective resource advantages, jointly complete the selection of building materials for the "London Pavilion", and strive to promote the construction and development of energy-saving emission reduction and zero-carbon ecological buildings in China.
Following the industrial revolution and the information revolution, the fifth wave of low-carbon economy that has changed the world economy is gradually emerging. Low-carbon energy consumption will become the mainstream mode of future life, and zero-carbon emissions mean unlimited reduction of pollutant emissions until Zero activity. At present, countries around the world are working on zero-carbon emissions, building zero-carbon buildings and expanding them throughout the city to regulate the future lifestyle of human beings, even if they are just some exploratory attempts. In 2008, Shanghai ZED Zero Carbon Center and the Expo Bureau reached an agreement to jointly construct and operate the London Case of the Best Practice Area for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The case is based on BEDZED, the world's largest and earliest zero-carbon community in the world, and is optimized and adapted to China's climate characteristics. The building uses solar energy, air-conditioning and ground-source heat-coupled air-conditioning, with an area of ​​2,500 square meters. The four-storey building has a zero-carbon lecture hall, a zero-carbon restaurant, a zero-carbon showroom and six sets of zero-carbon model houses. As the first design business of ZED Zero Carbon Center in China with zero carbon standards, it will show the Expo visitors the strategies and methods to combat climate change in the construction field. . In order to promote the concept of zero carbon construction, ZED Zero Carbon Center, British Academy of Building Sciences BRE and Nottingham University have reached an agreement to select top environmentally friendly building materials in China and promote it to the world through the World Expo. Shanghai Bohua is prestigious in the industry because of its organization. Industry Exhibition - EXPO BUILD, CERAMICS CHINA, HOTELEX SHANGHAI and EXPO LIGHT The collection of industry-leading exhibitors, well-defined audience groups, the long-cherished concept of “green building” and the highest level of industry and technology presented by Shanghai ZED Zero Carbon Center have officially become the cooperation of the “London Pavilion” of the World Expo. Partners, and recommend the best quality building materials, bathroom, catering and lighting companies and products to the project.
The "EXPO BUILD2010 18th China International Building and Decoration Exhibition" and the concurrent ceramic exhibition (CERAMICS CHINA), HOTELEX SHANGHAI and EXPO LIGHT will be held in Shanghai at the end of March 2010. The top domestic large-scale industry exhibitions, including comprehensive exhibitions and professional exhibitions, will have a total exhibition area of ​​120,000 square meters. The number of exhibitors will exceed 1,700, and the total number of visitors will reach 70,000. Every year, the exhibition can bring together a large number of first-class exhibitors representing the development trend of the industry, and become an important place for real estate developers, hotels, engineering project procurement and designers to purchase products and design materials. In particular, in recent years, the exhibition has been vigorously promoting the concept of “green building materials”. The theme of “Green Building Industry in China” was organized by setting up “Green Building Materials” area in the exhibition hall and cooperation with ECONET. The forum, "Energy Saving, Green and Environmental Protection" - China Hotel Design and Development Summit Forum and other activities, greatly promoted and promoted the development of green buildings and green building materials in China.
During the exhibition next year, some of the building science and technology achievements applied to the “London Pavilion” of the World Expo will be on display at the scene. The audience will have the opportunity to “get ahead of their time” and experience the latest products with rich technology content in the industry, and take the first to feel the atmosphere of the Expo.
Speaking of the in-depth cooperation between the two parties, Mr. Song Wei, deputy general manager of Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. said: “I am very honored to have a strategic partnership with the “World Expo London Pavilion”. We will fully cooperate with the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. And support the operation theme of “Promoting Energy Saving and Emission Reduction and Zero Carbon Ecological Building”, recommend excellent building products and excellent enterprises for “London Pavilion”, and use our exhibition to build the “London Pavilion” construction concept and overall image in building materials and related Synchronous promotion in the industry to serve the Shanghai World Expo."
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