Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce collectively went to the investigation of Black Cyclone

From November 5th to 6th, the Provincial Department of Commerce of the Party Group Theory Retreat of the Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce, the Special Commissioner of the Ministry of Commerce in Wuhan, and more than 60 representatives of the city and state of the province, and representatives of key export enterprises in Yichang City went to the black cyclone saw. The company has conducted a collective investigation. General Manager Zhang Yuncai introduced the company's 16-word work policy of “maintaining stability, grabbing resources, preventing risks and promoting development” in strict accordance with the China Metallurgical Geology Bureau, actively “exploiting and innovating for development, adjusting and optimizing the level”, and striving to overcome the global financial crisis. The impact of the practice. The delegates expressed their appreciation to Black Cyclone Saw Industry Co., Ltd. for actively responding to the global financial crisis and building the world's largest and most competitive saw blade matrix R&D and production base and internationally renowned brands, striving for the industry's vanguard and realizing the century-old store.

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