Cold rolled stainless steel pipe, cold drawn stainless steel pipe technology has greatly improved

The cold rolling stainless steel pipe and the cold drawn stainless steel pipe process technology are greatly improved. The cold-worked stainless steel pipe tends to adopt a combined production process in which cold rolling is mainly used and cold drawing is supplemented. The cold rolling mill and cold drawing machine are high speed and high precision. Long trip, multi-line development. 50% to 80% of the stainless steel pipes are finished by cold working. Therefore, more attention has been paid to the development of cold processing equipment. There are basically three kinds of cold processing technology, namely cold drawing technology, cold rolling technology, cold rolling and cold drawing combined technology. Most of cold-worked stainless steel tubes are cold-rolled and cold-drawing combined, and cold-rolled and cold-drawing are the auxiliary processing methods. Modern cold-rolling mills can achieve large reductions and large wall reductions, and 80% of the rolling deformation is accomplished on cold mills. Adopt cold-rolled fixed wall, supplemented by cold drawing to change the specification and control the outer diameter to meet the requirements of different varieties and specifications.
51 steel pipe network provides: Cold rolling and cold drawing combined production process has the advantages of: good quality steel pipe, cold rolled steel pipe wall thickness accuracy and surface quality is higher, cold drawing to ensure the accuracy of steel pipe diameter; cold processing cycle is short, reduce the intermediate degreasing, heat treatment , shrinkage, straightening and other processes, save energy, reduce metal consumption; can use large-scale waste pipe production of small diameter steel pipe, simplify the raw material specifications. At present, the level of cold rolling and cold drawing technology and equipment in the world has greatly developed. The cold rolling mill is developing in the direction of high-speed, long-stroke, ring-shaped L-shaped and high-precision. The characteristics of this rolling mill are as follows: (1) Inertia force and inertia torque vertical balancing mechanism are used to increase the round trip frequency of the rolling mill; The length of rolling deformation zone is 70% longer than that of short-stroke rolling mill. The uniformity of rolling deformation is improved and the delivery volume is increased. 3 Long tube blanks are used, and the length of barren pipe raw materials can be increased to l2 ~ 15m. Long steel pipes can be produced, and the use of rolling mills can be improved. Rate, rolling effective utilization coefficient up to 80%; 4 using a curved mandrel and the best parabolic face type, reasonable metal deformation, long tool life The above characteristics make the cold rolling mill production capacity and product accuracy greatly improve the production of stainless steel pipe The structure of the cold-drawing tube machine is still dominated by chain-type cold-drawing machines, and there are also a small number of hydraulic cold-drawing machines. Multi-line, high-speed, full-automatic is the direction of the current cold-drawing machine development.

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