HFM series leak-proof corrosion-resistant wear-resistant pump features

HFM Series leak-proof Corrosion-resistant wear-resistant pump is a new type of liner-type suction (shaft sealing position and inlet the same direction) decay-resistant wear pump. This pump is a new type of pressure delivery pump which is developed under the condition of common running wear-resistant and anti-sabotage pump. It is applied in five innovative technologies (patent). Its main features are: 1. Pump inlet in the shaft seal in the same direction, the shaft seal at negative pressure environment, so it will not leak, to overcome the original corrosion-resistant wear-resistant pump easy to damage, easy to leak shaft seal leakage disease . Second, a wide range of applications: The pump is equipped with a variety of interchangeable lining material, can be used for a variety of chemical corrosive, abrasive liquid and slurry delivery, and a variety of different materials interchangeable spare parts performance , User adjustment is very convenient. Third, low operating costs: There are two main factors, first, wearing parts such as pump cover and suction port with a split structure, with a separate corrosion-resistant wearing parts, easy to replace, more economical. Second, the pump seal does not use the back of the impeller decompression, saving shaft power consumption, saving energy. Another advantage of the HFM-II two-stage corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant slurry pump is that it has good abrasion resistance due to the higher pump outlet pressure at a lower single impeller linear velocity, Slurry pump to increase the pressure to increase the linear velocity of the impeller, leading to increased impeller, pump shell wear shortcomings, effectively improve the life of the impeller, pump cover and other wear parts. V. HFM-II-type corrosion-resistant wear-resistant double-stage pump due to high pressure, with high-pressure filter filter, the filter effect is good, the filter cake less water to overcome the shortcomings of the filter press with pump pressure shortage .

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